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Now that the 2017 Legislature has adjourned, I want to let you all know some of the many highlights.  This was a phenomenal legislative session, and I'm very proud of what was accomplished. I was honored to serve as a member of the Assembly Democratic Caucus leadership team as Assistant Majority Whip, and proud to serve on the Assembly's Ways & Means and Taxation committees, as well as being Vice Chair of the Assembly Committee on Transportation.

I am delighted by our team's achievements, and grateful for all of the encouragement and feedback that so many of you provided. Whether you wrote emails, called, testified, gave your thoughts via social media, or spoke to me at the grocery store - I want you to know your engagement meant a lot and your efforts energized all of us in Carson City. All of us share in the achievements of the 2017 Legislature. 

Some highlights include:

  • Created thousands of construction jobs statewide

  • Increased per pupil spending of up to $1,200 per year for students who need it the most

  • Brought back solar energy by adjusting net metering for those who wish to have solar panels

  • Added funding for the new UNLV medical school, as well as for new buildings at UNLV and CSN

  • Funded a community college scholarship program to make college affordable

  • Provided permanent funding for apprenticeship programs and to improve workforce training

On a personal note,  I'm thrilled to tell you that eight (8) of my bills were signed into law!  These bills will help Nevadans in key areas and will absolutely move Nevada forward.  Here's the list of the bills that I introduced, which were signed into law by Governor Sandoval, with what they do and how they will help: 

  • AB106 - Establishes a reward/recognition system for state vendors who give equal pay for equal work.  Over time, this will help eliminate the wage gap between men and women.  Since many of our families are financially supported by both men and women, eliminating the wage gap will help across-the-board – and will help put more money into our economy.  (Equal pay has been shown to be a strong economic development tool, and it's also something that is near and dear to my heart.)

  • AB113 - Requires employers to give nursing moms breaks and a clean place to pump breast milk.  This not only helps families economically, it's been proven that mother's milk provides babies with their first immunization, and there are enormous health benefits associated with breast feeding. Was delighted to have been given a plaque (pictured here) for my efforts

  • AB128 - Allows people to use non-professional process servers.  There are many Nevadans (especially people trying to escape abusive relationships), who are financially constrained and need to use a "do it yourself" process.  Now a neutral friend can help, potentially saving individuals hundreds of dollars.

  • AB229 - Puts gay marriage and parental rights into Nevada law and makes Nevada family law gender-neutral.  With this law, both parents can be listed on birth certificates, marriage records can be clear, and other family-related administrative proceedings can be completed without confusion.

  • AB275 - Establishes a statewide framework for integrated student supports.   Many students have non-academic reasons for performing poorly in school, and this bill will help students get their needs met.  You've heard me speak about physical issues, such as the need for eyeglasses and emotional issues, such as the need for students to have a bully-free learning environment.  During my testimony, I spoke about children who don't go to school because they do not have access to clean clothes.  This law will allow these and other issues to be addressed on a consistent basis statewide.

  •  AB276 - Forbids an employer from firing (or disciplining) workers who discuss their own wages with their colleagues.  Part of why women statistically only earn about $0.82 per every dollar that a man earns is that they are unable to discuss their wages and learn that they are being paid unequally.  As I've said, "you cannot fix a problem if you can't even talk about it."  This should also help eliminate the wage gap between men and women (see above for benefits).

  • AB317 - Prohibits companies from using names that sound like governmental entities.  This will help prevent consumer deception and fraud.   

  • AB381 - Limits medical insurance companies' ability to raise consumer prescription drug prices (for individuals and people in small group plans) during the contract year.  This will help people manage their budgets and reduce use of "bait and switch" tactics (in which people make a purchase decision based on one price list and then are locked in, while prices are raised and they have no recourse).

As always, my best -- and most impactful -- legislative successes have come from conversations I've had with my constituents, and it's why I always say:

Since being back home, I've been going to community events, reaching out to community leaders and meeting with constituents to discuss issues that should be addressed in the 2019 Legislative session.

Additionally, I was recently accepted into the Council of State Governments' Henry Toll Fellow program. This is one of the nation's premier leadership development program for state government officials, and only 48 elected officials from across the country were accepted.  I'm looking forward to attending the sessions and honing my skills, as it will enable me to be even for effective for you.

Ellen Spiegel


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I am proud  to be the Democratic  representative in Carson City who gets things done - and who gets them done in a way that reflects our community values. I want to hear your thoughts on the issues I've identified, and I want to know if you have other issues that need to be addressed in the next legislative session.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.





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