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Ellen's family moved from New York City to Jericho, Long Island when she was 2 1/2 years old, and until she went to college in upstate New York, her house in Jericho was the only home she ever knew. Jericho is a small but close-knit community, and Ellen still has friends from early childhood.
Ellen is an adoring aunt and loves spending time with her family. She is pictured with her eldest niece, who is now in college.
Ellen and her mother enjoy spending time together whenever they can.
Sake was abandoned at the Valley Ranch Animal Hospital. Ellen and Bill adopted her in 2006 and wonder how anyone could have abandoned such a sweet and lovely cat.
Domino was adopted from the Henderson Animal Control bureau in 2007. He was a tiny kitten -- but keeps growing. He has the energy of ten cats and frequently resembles a tornado!

Ellen is a noted online pioneer, who brought The Weather Channel online, developed the first online store that let people purchase software that could be downloaded directly to their computers and paved the way for the success of the online banking industry by creating the first consumer demonstration of online banking. Currently, she is President of business-consulting firm Strategems Consulting and has a long track record of business leadership and innovation:

  • Fortune magazine credited her monthly report to American Express' senior management as being the best of its kind.
  • Ellen won two Quality Awards for leading initiatives at Prodigy, a joint venture between IBM and Sears.
  • Ellen is both the founding Chair of the Direct Marketing Association's Internet Alliance Public Policy Committee and a past Board Member of that organization.
  • Ellen was instrumental in the development of Internet privacy and email marketing guidelines that protect consumers and help businesses reach the potential they deserve.
  • Ellen is a published author.

Ellen Barre Spiegel is a graduate of Cornell University, where she majored in Consumer Economics and also studied Public Policy. She lives in Henderson's Green Valley community with her husband Bill.

Ellen is President of the Friends of Nevada Libraries, the Vice Chair of Easter Seals of Nevada, a Board Member of the Green Valley Ranch Community Association, a founding Board Member and past President of the Henderson Democratic Club, a founding Officer of the Workforce Housing Partnership of Southern Nevada and the co-founder of Midbar Kodesh Temple's Mitzvah Brigade (Social Action Committee). She is also an active alumna of Cornell University, participating via the local alumni group as well as Cornell Cares (community service volunteers) and Cornell CAAAN recruiting and mentoring outstanding Southern Nevada high school students who have applied to attend Cornell University.

Before becoming a consultant, Ellen worked for some of the best companies in corporate America and has impressive experience.

  • American Express Company
  • Consumer Affairs Department
  • Corporate Office of Public Responsibility
  • Customer Service Operations
  • Worldwide Quality Assurance
  • Prodigy, a joint venture of IBM and Sears
  • Product Development
  • Account Management
  • Client Sales and Marketing
  • The Weather Channel
  • New Enterprises
  • Product Management

Ellen looks at issues from a variety of perspectives and knows how to identify potentially unforeseen consequences. These skills will enable her to deliver for District 20.

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  Ellen is an innovator and a pioneer. As the Product Manager who brought The Weather Channel online, she was one of the 'mothers,' who gave birth to weather.com. Her industry-wide public policy work makes her one of the unsung heroes of the commercial success of the Internet.

-Debora Wilson

Past President
The Weather Channel*

*Title for identification purposes only.