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Each generation produces a handful of people who reshape their world.
Ellen Barre Spiegel is one of them.
We need more leaders like Ellen, who get past partisanship and focus on doing what's right.
Carole King has inspired people for generations, and Ellen was delighted to meet Carole in 2004 when both were supporting the Kerry-Edwards campaign.
Ellen thinks outside of the box and knows how to develop unique solutions to complex issues. She:
  • Was the Product Manager responsible for bringing The Weather Channel online
  • Developed the first online store that let people purchase computer software and download it to their computer
  • Paved the way for the success of the online banking industry by creating the first consumer demonstration of online banking

Ellen admires Vice President Joseph Biden's vision and foreign policy expertise.

Her supporters know she's successful because she works hard to uncover and understand the underlying issues and then, she works with others to come up with solutions that work for different constituencies.