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These are the questions that Ellen hears most often:
Ellen with Senator Chris Dodd at a UNLV Young Democrats car wash benefiting Aid For AIDS Nevada (AFAN).
Ellen and her husband Bill work together at their firm, Strategems Consulting.
Ellen discussing issues with community members.
Ellen B Spiegel is very hard working and committed to bettering our community. It is amazing to see her organization skills and leadership. She takes time to listen to our concerns, and understand the issues. She will be an Assemblywoman we can be proud of. She is a part of the new, young, and dynamic future.
Why are you running for office?

This is a unique time in Nevada's history. The issues that the legislature must answer will affect us all for years to come. We need a creative thinker with a track record of success. We need someone who is known as a "do-er" and who gets things done to the benefit of the community. I have that track record, and I have both the determination and the passion to achieve results.

What's your "day job"?

I own a consulting firm that is primarily focused on assisting insurers with their Workers' Comp claims. Our core services include claims reviews, historical performance analysis, training, as well as strategic claims consulting work. Additionally, I work with a limited number of clients on business planning, marketing and projects related to new media.

How have you been active in the community?

I've been active in the community since moving to Nevada in 2001.  Over the past decade, I've volunteered for community clean-ups and other grass-roots community projects; helped plan and implement community-oriented social events; spoken with thousands of our schoolchildren; participated in business community and organized labor events; and, I've been involved with efforts to help people buy and be able to stay in their homes.

What if I have another question?

Feel free to contact Ellen Barre Spiegel. You can either call (702) 577-2167 or send an email to Ellen@EllenSpiegel.com.