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Key Issues for the 2017 Neveda Legislature:
Ellen and her brother Steven were fortunate that their grandmother lived to be nearly 87 years old.
Early education is important to Ellen.
Making sure we can take care of our medical needs

As Vice Chair of the Assembly Health and Human Services Committee (2013), the Legislative Committee on Health Care (2009-2010, 2013-2015) and the Legislative Committee on Senior Citizens, Veterans and Adults with Special Needs (2009-2010, 2013-2015), Ellen understands that our healthcare issues not only involve paying for healthcare but also with access to high quality healthcare services. 

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Getting enough water for our needs

Given the ongoing drought and increasing demand for water, Ellen feels that the next State legislature must be involved with finding solutions to our water shortage. Because so many of our water solutions are dependent on working with other states or other counties within Nevada, she says we must insist that our leaders know how to develop win-win scenarios and be successful in negotiating positive outcomes. Ellen Barre Spiegel has repeatedly demonstrated that she has these skills. She's willing to roll up her sleeves and find a solution that works for everyone.

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Improving our schools, while addressing teen issues such as the high teen pregnancy and drop-out rates

It's no secret that "No Child Left Behind" is leaving our children behind and that "Education First" was nothing more than a campaign slogan. In a 2006 letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Sun, Ellen wrote, "We have talented, committed professionals working in our schools. Now, we must take action so they can succeed. I urge our legislators to mandate maximum class sizes and student-teacher ratios for all grades and provide the funding necessary for these parameters, as well as for books, supplies and enrichment programs." Our children need more legislators to stand up and speak for them, as they are unable to do so for themselves. Ellen Barre Spiegel is already out front on this issue and needs your support so she can do more.

While she was serving in the Assembly, Ellen was an active participant in the "Legislator in the Classroom Program."  Ellen spoke with students in each and every school in her Assembly district, as well as with students at UNLV and participants at Nevada Girls State -- a total of over 2,000 students. 

Today, Ellen is interested in ensuring that our schools are funded equitably and increasing transparency associated with school funding -- at every level in the K-16 system.

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Diversifying our economy while supporting our current businesses

Ellen was in Henderson on 9/11/01 and remembers the aftermath. "Tourism stopped completely. I remember walking into the MGM to buy show tickets and being the only customer in the lobby. Those days, there was no traffic on the strip, and our economy was dying. It was one of the eeriest experiences I've ever had, and I was apprehensive about our recovery. This told me that our long-term economic success requires our attracting additional businesses and industries. We can and must do this in a way that strengthens our current businesses."

As a business owner, Ellen Barre Spiegel knows first-hand that all Nevada businesses are interrelated and that economic vitality is in everyone's best interest. "Los Angeles has grown well past its days where the entertainment industry dominated the economy, but it is still the movie and television capital of the world, and we can grow the same way. We should always remember the importance of tourism to our economy, but we must diversify to ensure that we can weather economic storms."

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Reducing our traffic congestion

The overwhelming majority of Nevadans moved to the state from elsewhere. We moved here because Nevada offered a better quality of life than where we were living. Traffic threatens our quality of life and also has a negative impact on tourism. We have an estimated $3.8 Billion shortfall in highway construction funds. Ellen Barre Spiegel says, "As we continue to grow our population and increase tourism, we must develop, fund and implement a comprehensive transportation plan. We cannot afford to ignore this issue."

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Coping with the housing crisis
  • Ellen feels that homeowners who are facing foreclosure on homes that they occupy should be given assistance, and she supports expansion of programs for first time and second chance homeowners. She also feels that people who take advantage of these programs should be required to repay the state at some point in the future, either when they refinance or when they sell the home so that the state can recoup its investment and have money to continue these programs in the future.

    Ellen asks that We all take steps to help preserve our neighborhoods today:
    • If lawns are dead or there are other code violations, call your local Code Enforcement office:  267-3970 (Henderson) or 455-4191 (Paradise)
    • If pools are stagnating and turning green, call the Southern Nevada Health District Mosquito Control Hotline 759-1220:
    • If you see empty houses that are vandalized, have broken windows or have squatters living in them, call the police non-emergency phone number: 311

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