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Ellen has a strong track record of helping her community and supporting those in need.
We need more leaders who fight hard for their community. That's why we need Ellen Barre Spiegel representing District 20 in the Nevada Assembly.
Ellen never hesitates to get involved and always makes a positive impact. She was a founding officer of the Workforce Housing Partnership of Southern Nevada.
Ellen also is the former Vice Chair of Easter Seals of Nevada and the past President of the Friends of Nevada Libraries.
  • When a new assisted living facility was proposed, she took a leadership position within her neighborhood because she wanted to make sure that her neighbors' concerns would be addressed. Through her efforts, Ellen earned the respect of people on on all sides of the issue and helped negotiate an agreement between the developer, the neighbors and the HOA, that the City of Henderson approved.
  • When a local Diabetes support group dissolved, Ellen began emailing encouragement and new research findings to former members to help them better manage their conditions.
  • When Planned Parenthood needed to increase outreach in Nevada, Ellen hosted Nevada's very first "Choice Affair" fundraiser.
  • When Ellen heard that volunteers were needed to work at polling locations during the 2004 presidential elections, Ellen stepped up to the plate.
Ellen helped make Veterans Day 2007 special at the Henderson Senior Center.
Ellen and Karen Gang Schnog are active in the local Cornell University alumni association.